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  • Reward on watching ad's on mobile

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to ask on what you plan for PC-Players to have an equal to it, because in an PvP-Game were there is competition between real players who spend money on the game it's just plain unfair to give players on other plattforms such a huge advantage. If its such a big deal to get them contrats right etc pp then why giving out such an option when not giving them to all? On the other hand, when you really want/ need those AD's and cant invent them on PC-plattforms. Why dont you give PC-players a botton they can press every 6 hours to get them resources aswell?! Will there be compensation for the stuff I didnt have excess to?

    I really dont get it sorry and kind of makes me want to quit the game because I put alot of time into this and not having this advantage while beeing a paying costumer is not satisfying at all

    What I really like to see is some more activity here on the forum and over all in communication
    There are posts on this forum which didnt receive answer in over a week

    Hopefully your response will have some answers to this

    Edit: You already did something similiar to AoHC why are you doing it again?!

    Best regards
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    I had only recently heard that mobile players might be able to watch ads to receive resources in 9 Lives... I play on PC on the main site, so I wouldn't have known.

    If this is indeed the case, I understand that 5PG needs to do what it can to get revenue, but this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. The debacle you guys had to deal with in Age of Heroes over this exact thing should have set precedent for why the "Ads-for-resources" concept isn't a great idea.

    I agree with everything Persisto mentioned in his post, and as one of the most active players in this game (who also spends money on it) I hope you take my input on this matter seriously.

    If there has been an "Ads-for-resources" option available for mobile players, we non-mobile players ask that you DISCONTINUE THAT OPTION IMMEDIATELY AND SEND COMPENSATION FOR PLAYERS WHO DID NOT RECEIVE THIS COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

    Thank you for your time.


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      Getting an extra 110 energy to play levels every 6 hours is not a "marginal" advantage. That energy plus the normal energy is almost DOUBLE what a non-mobile player gets.

      There are more hard and heroic levels than a person can conceivably keep on cooldown given the normal amount of energy. The energy gained from watching videos would allow me to keep all the limited levels (hard and heroic) completed and on cooldown every time they are available.

      Not to mention that the extra level runs give more gold, experience, and items.

      I have to use premium currency to purchase energy EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to finish the levels in time to reset them on their cooldown.

      Some players have already left in light of this. I really enjoy this game, and I know you're watching this thread... Please discontinue this option, and send out compensation to the non-mobile players. This is a PVP COMPETITIVE GAME!

      Please respond.


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        To add to this. Its not just that you can choose one type.... its the exact same thing you did in AoH, you even copy pasted the glitch everone knew, which lets you get every type of resource in which is such a gap not that you cant finish missions while on cooldown without buying extra energy, you even give mobile so much that they dont even need to bother thinking about buying things (which cant be the way you want it to be)
        So where is the point on doing such a move killing every motivation a pc-player can have for this game while not handing out equal options or well... just a linkin like facebook has and other games aswell
        I wont discribe on here how to do it but its no big secret since you had the exact same thing in AoH and it wasnt any hard at all.

        In total a mobile play can get for free
        40.000 Gold
        120 Battery
        4 Common summons

        in ONE single DAY
        You practically giving them one extra day of energy EVERY DAY despite those other resources which even ADD ON TOP

        I'm not sure when the official patch was released (since there is nothing archieved speaking of patchnotes, SOG and stuff) but since that patch ppl can watch those adds
        well lets speak of like 20 days ?

        8.8k energy 800k Gold 2.4k Energy and 80summons for nothing just sitting there.... and you dont even bother on having an answer for us. Through its the official forum.
        I really like the game but what you are doing is literally destroying the whole game for a big potion of your community and most paying costumers

        So, can we get some answers please.


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          Over two weeks still no response and the ad's running and running....

          Does this forum even has any purpose at all if devs dont use it at all ?