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Is this a dead game?


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  • Is this a dead game?

    It's been 3 weeks since I posted a topic asking about possible news, new features, new characters and the like, with no response at all.

    VIP recruitment has been missing from the store for over a week and even after having placed tickets and getting responses back, it is not there.

    I can't remember the last time there was a bundle for sale in the store.... and the last new feature added, an Arena event was removed and labeled a "teaser"

    We've seen new content in the form of new levels, but literally nothing else. Nothing new in the Risk Room, no new events since release, no patch notes, no forum posts.

    Is there anything to come for this game? Can I get any sort of response or am I wasting my time and money?

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    No it seems like a new game.


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      Fair enough, you are probably a new player. This game has been around since last June though... And there hasn't been any sort of update in over four months. No communication from the developers, nothing.

      Mind you, I really enjoy the game... A lot of players have left due to being bored of doing the exact same content for months on end with nothing new in sight.


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        I wish there were frequent content updates too. But that's really hard to do from the developer's perspective. I just hope the game isn't completely abandoned.


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          It's easy enough to say that it's difficult for the developers, but all of the characters, story, and animations are already developed.... It's all taken from another game called Tap Cats- Idle Warfare. They literally have dozens of characters with full animations ready to go and just aren't doing anything with all of the content.