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Discontinuing Support for 9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG


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  • Discontinuing Support for 9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG

    Dear Catmanders,

    Unfortunately, 9 Lives has reached a point that we can no longer allocate a team to support the game. In the past, when a game reached this point, we would shut it down for a number of reasons. Instead, 5th Planet Games will be taking a step back from 9 Lives.

    What does this mean:
    • The game will still be open and available to play
    • Support services are still offered for the game but at a lighter level. Due to this, wait times may be extended, and there may be some support services that are no longer offered
    • New Features will not be Introduced
    • The event schedule and a market schedule will remain in the game
    • Bug fixes will be few and far between

    There has been a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on including reshuffling & changes to the support staff, so we were unable to get this announcement out as soon as we would have liked. Although 9 Lives' time was short-lived, we would like to express our gratitude for your support & those who have enjoyed the game.

    Announcements like these can be hard to take and we understand people can be pretty upset by a major change like this. It was not a easy decision to make and our hearts goes out to all those who are upset at this announcement.

    Whether you continue playing or move on, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

    Note: Support as a whole has experienced some cuts to staff & hours, so on top of taking a step back from Heroes & 9 Lives, support has been scaled back overall as well. As a result, response wait times have been increased, but we will be doing our best to continue getting back to everyone as quickly as possible and make sure we keep the community in the loop if any future changes are made.